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20% off site wide sale!

20% off site wide sale!

The Charging Cable | Lightning > USB/C


The Charging Cable | Lightning > USB/C


Lightning > USB/C

The Charging Cable



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Say hello to the last charging cable you ever buy! The Charging Cable by Bullstrap is our insult to all the white, rubber, easy-to-break iPhone cables on the market. The Charging Cable features:
  • USB-C to Lightning connector.
  • A LIFETIME warranty.
  • A multi-layer internal structure.
  • Woven BT4® fiber cable exterior.
  • 2.4A fast charging capability.
  • 2 Meter (6.5ft) length for easy charing in any location.
  • Leather cable-management loop for tangle-free storage and usage.
  • 5-GBPS transfer speed to increase productivity.


  • Our products are built to last. However, sometimes sh*t happens. If it does, we have your back. Forever. Learn more about our Lifetime Warranty Policy here.


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Is this product really covered by a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, it’s real. And it’s awesome. If you want to read some legal nonsense, you can learn more about our Lifetime Warranty policy here. But suffice it to say, we’ve got you covered.



This cable is stupid-durable. In fact, it’s so durable that we guarantee it won't break; for LIFE!


Stainless steel hardware. Multi-layer, internally protected core. A BT4® fiber shell, and reinforced connector protection.


With a 2.4A power output, The Charging Cable allows you to charge in less than half the time as a standard USB charger.


With over 6 feet of durable cord to use, The Charging Cable can charge your phone from anywhere in the room. When you’re done, our TERRA leather cable-tie keeps everything tangle free.